Healthier By Farr

Changing Lives one dinner at a time...
About Us
What We Do
A huge welcome from everyone at Healthier By Farr. Firstly we hope you find everything you are looking for, however please feel free to contact us if you wish to ask something. We are a health and nutrition company based in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire, who specialise in healthy cooking, and healthy cookware.
We cook using Saladmaster cookware; a fatless, waterless cooking system, and offer valuable nutritional information through fantastic free cooking presentations and classes. Visit our Saladmaster page for more information on why we choose to cook using their products, and how you can benefit from them yourself.
As well as providing a service up and down the UK to the public, we also offer great business opportunities, along with a healthy wealthy life, by joining our team in a health and nutrition business.
Meet The Team
  1. Gary Farr
    Gary is the Director and co-founder of Healthier By Farr. He looks after the sales and sales training as well as the development of future employees.
  2. Vicky Farr
    Along with her husband, Vicky is also a Director and co-founder of Healthier By Farr. It is also Vicky who is in charge of talent spotting and recruiting future team members.